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Heating Element

There are many SiC Heating Elements of electric furnace. Those looking for easy to install and performance oriented heating elements, can contact us anytime. We make available SG-Type Silicon Carbide Heating Element, H-Type Silicon Carbide Heating Element, W-Type Silicon Carbide Heating Element, U-Type SIC Heating Element, SW-Type SIC Heating Element, SWD-Type SIC Heating Element and ST-Type SIC Heating Element. All of these heating elements are apt from high temperature furnaces. The basic material that goes into the making of all these SiC heating elements is silicon carbide. We pack these elements in bubble wrap and then into cartons. The cracking of these elements is prevented with the silicon carbide coatings. These can also be used with the automatic control system.
Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element is a resistant heating element, whose physical properties include 5.5-5.6 kg/cm2 density, 15-25 kg/cm2 bend strength, (HV)570 kg/cm2 vickers hardness, 7.4% porosity rate, and 4% hot extensional. As the very name implies, MOSI2 Heating Element is made of high pure Molybdenum Silicide. The surface of Mosi2 Heater is layered with compact quartz protective film in condition of oxidizing atmosphere and high temperature, that prevents the heating element from continuously oxidizing. The working temperature is 800~1750°C, it can reach the max. temperature of 1800°C within oxidizing atmosphere. MOSI2 Heating Element is utilized in sintering and heating treatment applications, for instance glass, refractory, ceramics, magnet metallurgy, etc.