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SiC Beam
Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, a Weifang (Shandong, China) based company manufactures reaction bonded SiC beam, silicon carbide beam, and reaction bonded silicon carbide beam. These are applicable in shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns and other loading structure systems.
We give mechanical clients superb, elite artistic segments for use in coal-terminated power plants, liquid non-ferrous metals, mining, oil, and vast part applications.
SIC Roller
Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, is a name to rely upon for buying SIC roller of different kinds, from silicon carbide roller, RBSiC roller, and reaction bonded sic roller. We have used SIC in the fabrication process due to chemical, thermal and mechanical properties.
SIC Pipe
Buy from Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, a Weifang (Shandong, China) based company SIC pipe in several sizes. The material transfers its properties to the pipes, like high strength, low density, oxidation resistance, chemical resistance, hardness & wear resistance.
SiC Nozzle
Get in touch with Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, to purchase SiC nozzle of kinds, like silicon carbide desulphurization spray spiral nozzle and SiC burner nozzle. These nozzles are applicable in shuttle kiln, roller hearth kiln, tunnel kiln, and other industrial kilns.
SiC Crucible
SiC Crucible from Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, is used in metallurgy, powder sintering, chemical and glasses industries. These are anticorrosion and antioxidant. Moreover, they have excellent thermal conductivity.
SIC Shaped Parts
SIC Shaped Parts, like SiC Mirror and SiSiC Reflector from Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, a Weifang (Shandong, China), are chemical resistant, oxidation resistant, thermal shock resistant, and wear resistant. These have high strength and low density.
MOSI2 Heating Element
These MoSi2 Heating Elements are produced using unadulterated molybdenum di-silicide and is a sort of opposition warming component. In oxidizing environment, a layer of conservative quartz defensive film is framed on the surface of MoSi2 Element attributable to the high temperature burning, which keeps MoSi2 from persistently oxidizing.
SIC Burner Tube
Contact Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, for SIC Burner Tube for structure ceramic and high temperature resistant industry. These tubes are available in different shapes, like straight, conical and plate. These can offer better temperature uniformity and easier temperature control.
SIC Plate
Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, a Weifang (Shandong, China) based company is a reliable provider of SIC plate of high purity. These are handled carefully during packaging, so as to minimize damage during storage and transportation.
SiC Cooling Pipe
Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, brings forth SiC cooling pipe for the cooling area of roller hearth kiln. The pipe is used widely for its thermal stability, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, no deformation for a longer period and long usage life.
SiC Protection Tube
Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, presents to the market SiC protection tube developed from alumina ceramic. This tube is used in refractory, structure ceramic and temperature measurement applications. It is mainly used as thermostat or temperature indicator.
Alumina Ball
Our alumina items are made of alumina which is aluminum oxide, the most thermodynamically stable shape by cool isostatic squeezing and let go at a high temperature in the passage furnace.
Air Blower
The offered turbine blower is utilized as a part of container drying, air bearing, dust accumulation, fluid filling stations, covering press, china dirt ceramics throwing and some more.
Ball Mill
A ball process is a sort of processor used to pound and mix materials for use in mineral dressing forms, paints, fireworks, pottery and laser sintering.
Water Jet Nozzles
We give the most progressive arrangement innovation for accuracy cutting with insignificant kerf made with treated steel, metal, copper, titanium and comparative hard materials that can't be machined with water as it were.