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SiC(SiSiC) Products

SISIC beams in the offering are rectangular pipes that are black in color. These beams are composed of around 0.12% SiO2 Content, 0.08% CaO Content, 0.17% Al2O3 Content and ≥98.5% SiC Content. These beams can be put to use to load structure system of different industrial kilns, like shuttle kiln and tunnel kiln. The range comprises Reaction Bonded Sic Beam, Silicon Carbide Beam and Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Beam. These beams can be provided in several lengths, diameters and widths. These beams are hollow and can be provided in different designs. Customers can contact us to know more about SISIC beams, for instance maximum working temperature, density, open porosity, bending strength, modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion.
SIC roller designed and developed from industrial use are ceramic rollers in tube shape available in a number of sizes. Silicon carbide roller available in color black has around 3.02g/cm3 density. It has resistance against heat, thermal shock, corrosion, and wear. It has a longer operation life in comparison to Alumina roller, because of the extreme hardness and high bearing strength. It can be used in refractory kiln and roller kiln and promote energy conservation, automation of production, shortening products firing cycle. In the range of SIC Roller, we have included SiSiC Roller and RBSiC Roller. These rollers have different bulk density, SIC, SI, porosity, bending strength, modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity, rigidity and maximum working temperature.
SIC Pipe in the offering is composed of around 0.2% SiO2 Content, 3% Al2O3 Content and 50%-99% SiC Content. The black colored pipes can be availed in any size. These pipes made mainly of silicon carbide are widely demanded for its features, like thermal shock stability, compact structure, wear resistance and excellent oxidation resistance. The customers can contact us to know about the characteristics of SIC pipes, like bulk density, apparent porosity, cold compressive strength, thermal shock, etc. Customers can get SiSiC pipes for high load capacity, high temperature tolerance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and nondeformation for a long time. These pipes are mainly applicable in roller kilns for the production of sanitary ceramics, building ceramics and household porcelain.
Our company Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, based in Weifang (Shandong, China) brings forth a range of SIC Nozzle in different shapes and sizes. The range of SIC nozzles comprises Silicon Carbide Desulphurization Spray Spiral Nozzle, SiC Desulphurization Spray Nozzle and SiC Burner Nozzle. We export our range to countries, like Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, USA, Malaysia, Egypt, etc. Made of silicon carbide, these nozzles are apt to be used in harsh working environment. The large flow passage in all nozzles allow smooth flow and reduced blockage. The industries that can avail these SIC nozzles are fire-fighting, agriculture, and many others. These also find use in precision spraying, high pressure descaling, dry fog dust suppression, spray cooling, and many other applications.
SiSiC Crucible offered by our company Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, are developed from silicon carbide powder. These ceramic parts are used in industrial ceramic and metallurgy applications. These are ceramic containers which are used for heating solids by fire. Given to their better heat resistance, these crucibles are better than glassware. In this range, we also have included SiSiC Sagger, which is made from refractory mud of several specifications of the mortar. It is baked at extremely high temperature. This is also called kiln furniture, which is used to burn porcelain. The users can put the porcelain in the sagger and then into the kiln for the purpose of roasting. SiC crucible has better bending strength and thermal conductivity.
Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, a Weifang (Shandong, China) based company is a reliable provider of SIC plate of high purity. These are handled carefully during packaging, so as to minimize damage during storage and transportation.
SIC Burner Tube is a suitable fire kiln furniture for different kinds of kiln, like roller kiln, shuttle kiln and tunnel kiln. Available in different shapes, silicon carbide ceramic burner tubes cab be used in industrial furnaces. Industries that can use this burner tube made of silicon carbide are glass, ceramics, chemical, automobile and metallurgy. The SIC Burner Tube is high temperature tolerant, wear resistant, oxidation resistant, extreme cold and heat resistant, corrosion resistant, perfect sealing efficiency and have high bending strength & long time service life. SiSiC Burner Tube also has heat shock stability and high performance of mechanical strength.
Weifang Sichuang Machinery Co., Ltd, presents to the market SiC protection tube developed from alumina ceramic. This tube is used in refractory, structure ceramic and temperature measurement applications. It is mainly used as thermostat or temperature indicator.
SIC shapes parts is a comprehensive range of components that are developed from silicon carbide, which is a technical grade and high quality ceramic material with excellent mechanical properties. The applications of SIC are ceramics, abrasives, refractories, etc. Customers can buy these SIC shaped parts for their extreme hardness, good mechanical strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, superior anti-oxidation, low thermal expansion coefficient, and high thermal conductivity. This range comprises SIC Wear Resistant Parts, SiSiC Special Shaped Parts, SiC Mirror, SiSiC Reflector and more. These parts are available in various sizes. These heat resistant parts with small tolerance are offered at competitive price.